Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Favourite things and kitty cats

I found this lonely sticker and it started me thinking about my love of kitty cats. So I pulled out some Japanese paper and created this inchie. It is amazing what one can do with just smidges of paper. I love this sticker and now it has a home

In this cute kitty cat notebook with black pages I will be adding more kitty cat inchies as time goes on. One side has lines and the other is blank. Where I have put the first inchie.

I have a punch of a purse on the left here and was going to make purses by punching them out and assembling them. I realized right away that doing the negative instead of the positive it would be easier. I have used some paper I bought years ago and some the gals in our groups have sent me as a RAKS. Do you recognize the floral paper my Fred and Ginger friend and Cindy can you see yours too. I will be doing more of these purses

and put them in this book called My Favourite Things.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I was busily tidying yesterday and today my art and crafting desk. I got it mostly finished and now I can do my Act's and Inchies much easier and even clean up it faster because I have now mostly a place for everything and everything in it's place. Now if I could only get the crawl space done the same way it would be better all round. I am now for some reason able to discard things. This Hello Kitty is for the scan using elements of a doily. Here Hello Kitty has a bouquet of hearts in a doily basket.

This is just a stamped kitty and fish on an Inchie of my watercolour backgrounds

This one is on an plain Inchie background with a scalloped edge one on top Kitty and fish stamped and coloured in since the edge of the cat ended up on the white I coloured it. I am having great fun with all my old and new toys I have. New are an inch square stamp and the scalloped edge stamp and a 6" by pass trimmer and a gingko leaf punch. I have gathered all my small stamps, stickers and embellishments for my ATC's an inchies. I have put in order my pencils, pens and scissors and all the inks, paint and finishing so I can create in a not clutter free but an organized chaos. Here is an ATC's using the scalloped edge punch, ginkgo punch and plain paper on top with the underneath background painted in Twinkling H20's looks kinda cool I think. The cool thing about that product it is shiny. I love working with it

This kitty in the square is punch out frame and backed with one of my watercolour backgrounds. I have also used a one of my Fiskars edging scissors to make a decorative edging and used the cutout and a metallic marker to colour it and apply it. The last one for today was Twinkling H20's background with gel 3d pens using my new decorative edging ruler to make scallops. Then applying a plant tag with a yellow cascading petunia called a Million Bells the kind of sunlight it need and a small sun stamped and coloured in with markers. So I had a very good day

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Received this lovely ATC from my Swap partner

Along with a mini stash of lovelies for inchies, a couple of pics for art of Scotties, an angel with a cutie doggie and some lovely card stock. I must go tell her I received and how great they are.

Today I had a run to Michaels I bought out the store so hubby thinks. I did buy a cool thing a Friskar guillotine 4"x 6" format to cut my ATC's and Inchies up. We have already tried it and pronouce it a good thing. It cuts very nicely. I have cool shades of perfect inchies for me and to send in a nice little package along with ATC swaps. This is the one I hopefully be sending tomorrow to my partner. I feel like I have spring in my heart now and feel like creating. So will be toddling off to get my packaging up done to send things off.

I am having fun doing this that and the other what with floral crafts and real gardening in containers soon, my art etc. I bought some silk flowers to make topiaries. We were gluing silk flowers to clay pots at our craft meeting yesterday and I thought a nice topiary ball of silk flowers would look nice it it on a cinnamon stick. While at Michaels bought some pretty silk flowers for a teapot topiary.There is a really nice one at the STYROFOAM* Brand Products: site Teatime Topiary. I have some other ideas for doing a Topiary. Will show them when I have them finished.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Things are being finished

I have been busily working on ATC's, Inchies and the inchies ended up on bookmarks. I have more to show you later. After I have mailed them out. I have added embellisments and funky fibres.

This one was done for a friend with Westies. This is the pic of the two of them when The older one Stormie was protecting the new one Duncan from the sun. They are so sweet.

This bookmark is for a friend who loves monkeys.

This Mini Poddle is so cute.

A new friend loves Fred and Ginger like I do so I made her this book mark from the inchies I made for her

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wednesday early in the morning like 2am

found some of my watercolour backgrounds have been making them into inchies. I also cut up the folder that came with Fred and Ginger box set to do a theme set of inchies or two. I have to investigate my fonts for helps with inchies too. I found a couple of tuts on inchies and read them. They are going to be my eyecandy for the summer. I suggest googling inchies for all kinds of inspirations. Hope to get everything finished tomorrow for swaps.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Later Tuesday

A couple of years in a row one of my yahoo groups did formica chip ornie exchange for xmas. I was thinking it over and they are just the right place for your inchies. With the Formica chip you can make an ornament or a fob for a key chain or ring or a dangle for blackberry, ipod or cell phone. You can get bookmark blanks and put a bunch of the inchies on the front and/or back in a theme would be nice. One thing I am doing is those stickers have a card inside so the store can hang them with would be perfect to alter then apply inchies. They're are long and thin already have a hole for fibres to be added. Small note books could be albums for them I have a couple and some ideas for them. You can make fabric ones and do a miniature quilt.....yikes I better stop now before I get carried away.

I was sitting in the sun and got thinking things through. Also went through embellishments sticker etc and have put the tiny ones aside for inchies.

These inchies are addictive.......yikes

I think I might have to do a 12 step program......lol as I spent the afternoon doing these little things. I did a double blue with a Woof brad 2 hearts and the initials of two doggies I know. This is for a friend...I redid the kitty on pink as the kitty in question is a boy and thought he should have a blue background I bought the greatest punches for 1" and a scalloped edge one 15/16" they look so good together.

I didn't get the swaps mailed as I was busy doing this and didn't have the energy to go to and mail them and the inchies.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Inchies have come to our ATC swap group and I was having fun tonight these are some I have finished. The Scottie and the sheep I will be adding some more to. I found I have about 7 small punches and a bunch of tiny rubber stamps and a couple of alphabet stamps tiny enough for an inch by inch format. I went to a store on Bloor West and found a 1"square punch and a 15/16" square scalloped edge punch. So I was punching stamping and cutting up a storm. Had so much fun.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Finished last months ATC

This is my newest ATC it's Called Refelections for March. Things did not go well for me in March so I am really late in send my Swap. I spent St. Patrick's day in the hospital with pneumonia.

Not too happy with it but this is what it is. That oval in the middle is a mirror when you scan mirrors they come out black so I tried a few things in Adobe and this is a lens fare.
I have a few more things to do for this and next month.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

newest ATC's

This is my ATC for April it is to be stained glass or outline. This is done digitally in Adobe and texture noise and clouds were introduced into the mix. I have been neglectful again with this blog. I am going to cut down in my memberships in tagger snagger groups so I have more art time on the computer.

I was a rippin' and a snippin' again and have come up with a new thing for ATC and/or canvas. Will try it out and see how it looks. Veranda is a great mag for ideas for art not that I mean copy but putting colours together etc. It also has that sumptuous look Victoria used to have in its heyday

I will post more when I have the ReflectionS swap done.
This ATC was done for the outline of leaves wasn't very Happy with it but it looks nice.