Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Purple Swap

I have mailed out the ATC purple to my swap just in time. I made purple people eater for all those in the purple swap. No he is not animated except for his eye that is a google I feel like I have done a great task.....I am getting very old I have come to dislike plays tricks on you looks beautiful and plummy on the screen but printed off takes on an indigo cast....humph..... I am not even going to say I am sorry about being late I have done 4 attempts and finally came up with something okay. I started early as well. I don't really dislike purple just what happens to it in the printing process. I'm a red hatter and we wear purple togs and sometimes it looks like we are all wearing Royal Blue....go figure. grrrrrrrrr This is my Boa Babe for my Swap Partner.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Teds are ready to be sent

We were doing teddies this moth and I found the sweetest teddie in my collage fodder so went with them applied a distressed in to the some cardstock glue image down and then added The Teds get ready for Christmas then a bow to the package a package on foam tab and a teddie on a drum sticker and a teddie on another foam tab. Then I put a marker Santa hat to one added a tiny pom pom and a white sliver of paper to make it look like white fur. This one once I got going fell into place.