Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mmmmmm been awhile since I published a post

Well I have been up to lots of stuff since last I posted. This is one of the things I have done for an ATC swap called Primary Colors. It is done with card stock on a playing card using blue, red and yellow. I sized the butterflies and coloured them. Then I did a transparency on the computer of the "Soar like the butterflies and reach for the heights". Cindy was done as a separate transparency they are held together with four yellow brads and a star button is fastened with threads in the primary colours. I hope my friend Cindy likes it. Will be adding more to the blog later this week. Had a lot of dental problems. So things went slowly......Yikes!! I have ventured further west in the city and been to another bead store on Ronsenvalles called the Bead Junction. I loved their display of bead as all the beads of the same colours are together.

I am working on some beaded projects and will post them when I finish. More later.....