Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mmmmmm been awhile since I published a post

Well I have been up to lots of stuff since last I posted. This is one of the things I have done for an ATC swap called Primary Colors. It is done with card stock on a playing card using blue, red and yellow. I sized the butterflies and coloured them. Then I did a transparency on the computer of the "Soar like the butterflies and reach for the heights". Cindy was done as a separate transparency they are held together with four yellow brads and a star button is fastened with threads in the primary colours. I hope my friend Cindy likes it. Will be adding more to the blog later this week. Had a lot of dental problems. So things went slowly......Yikes!! I have ventured further west in the city and been to another bead store on Ronsenvalles called the Bead Junction. I loved their display of bead as all the beads of the same colours are together.

I am working on some beaded projects and will post them when I finish. More later.....

Sunday, June 04, 2006

I made an Avatar today

for Miz_Cat here it is

Friday, June 02, 2006

I have different sites on the internet.

I have a garden site that shows how we revamped our garden about 8 years ago now. for my garden site. is where I have a site for my personal stuff, poetry, recipes and other things.

I found that keeping up 2 Red Hat websites a bit to much for me to handle so I am no longer their webmistress for 2 of my Red Hat Chapters. I designed the logo's for each of the chapters and still do the name tags and other things for them.

Planted up the last

of the flowers, veggies and herbs I had bought before, today. I love to garden as well as to do arts and crafts. So I am feeling pretty good about finishing off my planting.

This year I have a lot more herbs and have planted up some veggies; lettuces, spinach, beets for beet greens, peppers, tomatoes and some other things that are edible like flowers to include in salads. I have a garden site that shows how we revamped our garden about 8 years ago now. for my garden site.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Went to my Stained glass Thursday Social

and just discussed my bead purchase with my Thursday group. I showed my friend who does the French Beaded Flowers and inspired me my new book. She really liked it. Bought some dragon flies from another gal. She did them in stained glass and beads she had purchased from garage sales they will look good in my garden. I have a red one and a blue one. I have been looking for addresses and websites for bead stores in Toronto there are a few that I haven't been to. I also I am on the prowl for a stained glass pattern for another friend who daughter's bought a lamp that needs a new shade.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I have beading news for the north end of the city

I got this from a friend this morning........I was walking to the drug store today and look what I found on Eglinton.....right in my neighborhood!!!! A new Bead's the link to their website: The owner is very nice and would love to have us. (Us being our Red Hat group). I am going up on a "bead night" and see what it's like. She has a lovely selection of beads and is willing to order stuff if she doesn't have what you want.....

I looked at the site and she has lots of classes and a bead night WOW.....a new bead store.
Store Location
970 Eglinton Ave West,

Toronto Ontario
Summer Store Hours
Monday, Friday, Saturday
10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
12:00 noon - 5:00 p.m.

Today my friend and I went on a Beading Safari

Today my friend and I went on a Beading Safari in the wilds of downtown Toronto. Queen West to be exact. Boy was it a scorcher for 2nd last day in May but we came prepared with sunglasses and hats and cool cottons. We stopped in at Bling Bling at Queen St. W. And Augusta. I found some lovely purples to make up necklaces for my Red Hat Chapter events and some little red and purple bags that were on sale for a quarter. The store was nice and cool and the staff is great and very helpful. Here is their card they have a website Where they tell you about classes and their in store specials.

Then we went next door to The Beadery
where we checked out there beautiful selection of beads, lovely knitting yarns, and hand dyed ribbons. We found some perfect focal beads one just matching up with the necklace my friend wore for just that purpose. I found a purple one and a cobalt blue. Cobalt blue is one my favourite colours. I spied a French Beaded Flower book, French-Beaded Flowers New Millennium Collection by Dalene Kelly I just joined a group for beaded flowers and wanted some patterns to get started. From a quick look tonight it has so many of my favourite flowers. I can't wait to get started. We also browsed their bargain bins at the front of the store and I found some lovely stuff one being some pins for attatching charms, beads or chains, etc.

The Beadery also has a website They have lots of pics that have appeared in the media. Lots of tutorials to browse through and download as pfds.

We got tired and crossed the road and went in for an iced coffee at the Second Cup and talked about our purchases and enjoyed our coffees and a snack. My husband(chauffeur he says) I treated to an iced coffee and a snack for driving us down and back. While he enjoyed his coffee and a snack we went on to Artons one and two. We got lovely watch faces to make watches with beads. I have wanted to make a torsade necklace and found a lovely floral clasp for it. At Arton One I got some fish beads for a long time in finishing project. I love their prices and selection. I have been there so often they think I have a tax number but sadly I don't.

I took a quick look to Abelard Bookshop next door to Artons to see if they had a Brother's Grim fairy tale book but they didn't. I would love to alter one as an alterbook art piece. Just saw the movie and it was like a fairy tale the Brother Grimm the title very scary. After that we went back to Bling Blings to get some fancy silver head pins and some beads for crimps. We went back to the Second Cup. My husband, friend and I were happy to get into our a/c car and drive home.

I wanted to include the business cards for these stores because they are very nice and have given me so many hours of fun both at their stores and at home doing my projects or reading a book. I have no affiliations with them I just like them.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My Latest Attempt at Altered art

We did a swap of altered OJ lids it was fun but I was kind of worried because due to illness I hadn't really worked on to many art pieces for a long while. I call this one Z for Zinna This was collaged background and a fairy made from a pic I found in a magazine and I added the lettering I did in Adobe Photoshop.

This one is Hi there cute with an image tinted in Photoshop and embellishments added. It has a clip from a doily, tag I made in Photoshop a rose and a faux rhinestone. Around it all a glued string of faux pearls

Gonna try to up load a pic.

This was my first ATC and I really didn't know what to do. I collaged and add lines and coloured pencil. It looks a bit lame now but at the time I was amazed how you could do something this small 2½" x 3½". I have particpated in a some swaps and belong to a few groups on the internet.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Numeral UNO

Want to have a place to put up my art, musings and stuff. I tried this once before and I didn't do much with it. I had Picassa and never could get my pictures to show up so hoping it will work this time.

miz cat over and out