Monday, April 23, 2007

I can't believe it was August for my last post

I can't believe it was August for my last post

but in and around Christmas I fell ill with a horrible stomach flu twice and didn't even have the energy to do my Christmas cars andearly this year I had hospital stay with aspiration pneumonia I swallowed a pill the wrong way. In the mean time I have a terrible time with my teeth and need them all removed. It is a long a somewhat painful procedure.

The corner is turned and finally Toronto weather is was just so pretty here in Toronto all weekend. I admired our back garden while reading in our Gazebo and listening and watching the birdies line up for a bath in our stream. The Cardinal family really enjoy the stream and lets everybody know by singing a happy song. The sparrows and finches play hide and seek in the drooping Japanese maple we have. :roll: Our squirrels are having a grand time digging in our planters to hide the black walnuts from a neighbours tree. scattering the plants and the soil here and there. So we have quite the Joys of Spring going on. It all helps to keep my mind off the sore mouth from the extracted teeth.

I have taken up knitting and having a grand time knitting scarves and face cloths for now.
I finished a celery coloured scarf I was doing for my niece in BC.
Now I also have finished an ATC for spring this is it ATC is for Artist Trading Cards just like the hockey and baseball only you do an art piece and swap them with another artist. This was a spring swap.

So hopefully I can post more and have brand new choppers to smile :-)with. I have 7 more teeth to go.....yikes