Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wednesday Shopping Trip

I found the cutest things at The Quilting patch. This is Walla Walla Kitty. If I get going on this I would like to do the whole bunch. These are the Garden Patch Cats so far Avocato, Boscat, Kitt’ney Bean, Walla Walla(Sweet Onion)Kitty, Pumpkat, Stalker by Helene Knott Approximately 18” square $8.50 each US

This one too was really sweet so I have some projects on the sewing front to do. I love the pic of the sewing machine.

They also had some Laurel Burch fat quarters I scooped them up and looked at the lovely new line but it had a ssssnake so didn't want it. I found Yo Yo makers there by Clover. I got a small and large heart and a large flower maker. I have yet to use the ones I got from my good friend AZ/OR. I hope to do some of them when I am outside this summer either at the patio table or the gazebo.

Lazy Girl blog has a picture perfect tut on how to use the Yo Yo Maker I just went there and printed off the instructions for making a Yo Yo. If you put Yo Yo Maker in a search engine you should find lots of stuff for making things with it. to.

Kitchen & Home crafts of Family Corner has patterns and all kinds of angels and poems to go with them.Two Christmas's ago I made Red Hat Yo Yo angels for each member in the chapters I belong too. Here they are massive amounts of them lol

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Wandering Mind said...

What a super shopping trip!
Granddaughter Olivia, will be going to Wall Walla, WA. for college. Funny coincidence that you have the W W onion cat square.
All looks great and fun to do a virtual trip with you, wish I was actually with you!
Hugs, of course!